Sunday, November 1, 2009

Talking about Photography: Nov. 8 in Williamsport, PA

I'll be leading a discussion/presentation on Economy, Form, and Photography next Sunday November 8 at 5 PM, here in Williamsport at the Valley Mosaic space in the old Pajama Factory building. Prior to the dialogue there is traditionally a potluck, so if you're in the area, are hungry, and would like to come and hang out, I'd be honored.

I will be taking two poems (By Rilke and Wendell Berry) and from them extrapolating a bit about the relationship between the content of the text and photographic practice. This will include a brief, mythological visual etymology of sorts, of photographers' work which I find a strong kinship with, as well as a discussion of the difficulties involved with "talking about photography."

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pluralform said...

Love the cartoon! Can't wait for your presentation.