Saturday, December 31, 2011

Retiring the Blog

Greetings to any of you who are skillful enough with your fingertips to have some sort of feed of new entries to this blog, something which I wish I knew how to manage for my own reading convenience. I am retiring Like Newborn Babes, as it has been about a year since I've last used it. My interests have been more directed towards looking at and thinking about art and photography, and another location seems more fitting for such a thing. If anyone is interested, this new place can be found at It is most likely that this will primarily be a place for keeping track of images and artworks that I want to return to, as well as recommending some art by friends for others to see. I will also eventually provide some links to news articles, essays, and other forms of written discourse, that are important to share in this format.

All the Best,


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